MARQ Services presentation video and developments

For the convenience and education of MARQ Services users, we have created a presentation video of MARQ and the website. The video is a visual aid for helping new users to understand what both MARQ Services and the website are about. It may also be useful in aiding a better understanding of MARQ throughout an organisation where analysts may need to report upwards on how they would use MARQ. The video is only a small step but for greater understanding, Morgij Analytics on behalf of MARQ Services is happy to arrange demonstrations or workshops. Please contact Nick Procter using the details below.

As we’ve previously reported, MARQ Services continues to develop and there will be further announcements as applications are added to the website. We have received feedback from RMBS investors that they require additional applications to compare the mortgage collateral analysis to the liability side of a securitisation ie RMBS. As we complete development over the coming months, MARQ will be gradually releasing applications which will allow detailed comparison of mortgage collateral with the securities issued to fund those mortgages.

MARQ will also be announcing very soon, the details of the formation of a Product Advisory Group made up of significant Australian RMBS investors. This Group will provide a market voice for RMBS issuers on matters of transparency and services that MARQ should be providing for data, reporting and analytics.

Lastly, we will be announcing in the immediate future, the on boarding to MARQ of a major Australian RMBS issuer with all historical deals that are currently outstanding. These deals will also be able to be analysed with historical and dynamic LVRs. The dynamic LVRs are calculated by postcode using RP Data’s hedonic indices. This will be the first of a number of significant Australian RMBS issuers which will be on boarded over the coming months with all historical deals.

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