Corporate Information

Address: Level 3, 10 Bond Street, Sydney NSW 2000
PO Box R834, Royal Exchange Sydney, 1225 Australia
+61 2 8197 1828

ACN: 600 490 033

Mòrgij Analytics is the trading and business name of Loan RQ Pty Ltd.
Loan RQ Pty Ltd (Loan RU) is owned by Pepper Home Loans, Perpetual, Oliver Wyman, investors and staff.
MARQ Services Management Pty Ltd (“MSM”) is a single purpose wholly owned subsidiary of Loan RQ and provides a range of financial and data services (MARQ Services) on behalf of Loan RQ.

MARQ Services means the services supplied by Mòrgij Analytics to its clients as specified under a MARQ Services Deed. These may include:

  • Data collection, validation and cleansing
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Data verification and storage
  • MARQ SaaS and RQM
  • Training and support



Perpetual Ltd 26%
Pepper Investments Pty Ltd 20%
Morgij Family Unit Trust 20%
Oliver Wyman 18%
Other sophisticated investors 16%
Total 100%