About Us

Mòrgij Analytics

Mòrgij Analytics is an established provider of sophisticated credit risk technology, software solutions and services to mortgage markets. Through its MARQ platform, Mòrgij Analytics provides mortgage lenders and investors with customised, intuitive and cost effective risk analytics and valuation of loans for Authorised Deposit- taking Institutions (ADIs) and capital market investors.

MARQ delivers secure web based solutions that meet the highest standards in reliability, accuracy and integrity. MARQ utilises credit risk assessment technology known as the Risk Quantification Methodology (“RQM”).

Mòrgij Analytics’ products can be used by all ADIs, investors in mortgage pools, RMBS and other securitised mortgages, non-bank funders, analysts, and researchers of the Australian mortgage loan markets.

Morgij Analytics is the business and trading name of the holding company, Loan RQ Limited


Our Market

Mòrgij Analytics operates in the largest sector of the Australian financial services industry, the residential mortgage loan market, which totals in excess of $1.5 Trillion and makes up 63% of the assets of Australian ADIs. Our products and services can be adapted for use in other jurisdictions where suitable and reliable loan data is available.

Mòrgij Analytics provides products and services to traditional mortgage funders whether on balance sheets or in structured finance structures e.g. covered bonds or RMBS. We provides products and services to modern financial technology mortgage funding platforms seeking to be low cost, simple, transparent and comparable and uses digital technology to pass on savings to borrowers and investors.


Our History

Mòrgij Analytics was founded to exploit analytic technology and systems that were initially developed by Graham Andersen (Founder and Executive Director) that measures the risks and values of residential mortgages.

In the aftermath of the Financial Crisis and the failure of the sub-prime mortgage market (as highlighted in the book and movie, “The Big Short”), Graham set about understanding how the traditional credit agency ratings methodology produced ‘AAA’ ratings on securities that ultimately suffered loss. His analysis identified a number of inconsistencies and omissions as well as a glaring lack of model detail and loan data transparency. From this analysis emerged an analytic methodology, that is more granular and consistent than traditional rating agency or regulatory methods that is called the Risk Quantification Methodology (RQM).

In 2012, Perpetual Corporate Trust and Oliver Wyman became shareholders to enable the launch of MARQ in to the Australian financial markets. The strength and gravitas of Australia’s largest corporate trustee and a world leading financial services advisory firm as partners has helped bring MARQ to the attention of Australian ADIs and RMBS market participants.